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Underwater Blur Small Fish Small Fish Small Fish Small Fish Small Fish Small Fish FTL engine powering it. Find out more about the With Populate We got all cross-platform Populate ipad
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Got an idea?

Sutera Studio will be the hands that execute your vision to pixel and byte perfection. We've been lovingly crafting elegant solutions to complex problems since the mid-nineties, and would be pleased to put our considerable talent to work for you. We mobile apps, web apps and integrated systems. The works.That's the Sutera Advantage.

Avram → User Experience

Avram believes that an application's design should be synonymous with its functionality.

Jens → Interaction Design

Jens has in-depth experience with a broad range of technologies and platforms.

Mathieu → Software Architect

Monsieur Goutte (aka Mathieu Chauvinc) is no longer a member of the team, having eloped wth his life partner Louis Tan. We wish them all the best in their pursuit of true love!

Cameron → Product Manager

Cameron puts our products through the paces, ensuring they launch as bug-free as he.

Samsung Smart Tv
Samsung Smart TV Apps

We are having a blast building several applications for the Samsung Smart TV platform.

Yesware Android App

For the Google Ventures-backed Yesware, we built an Android app to aid marketing professionals.

populate ipad
Populate Multiplatform App

We targeted all platforms for Populate, and got it done in record time, thanks to our FTL Engine.

mobile world website
Mobile World Web App

We created an attractive and modern CMS-driven web app for Mobile World Magazine.

crazy iphone
Bleeding-Edge Mobile Apps

We build innovative iPhone, iOS, Windows Phone 7, Bada, Symbian and mobile web apps.

Architectural drawing
Gorgeous Web Apps

We take a holistic approach to building web apps, ensuring great performance on all platforms.

greek art
Integrated Systems

We make all the pieces of the puzzle fit together when working with integrated systems.

milk splash, strawberry
Branding That Makes a Splash

Whether you're big or small, we'll lovingly craft a branding solution to grow your business.

responsive design
28 February, 2012 → Responsive Design

A lot of work went into the responsive design of the new Sutera Studio SDN BHD agency web app, so that it would look equally as brilliant on any platform. Ensuring consistency across the board was a high priority.

Responsive design is of course all the rage at the moment, and it means different things to different people. The approach we took with our agency app is to combine fluid and fixed responsivity in order to walk the line between ultimate granularity and consistent appearance on targeted platforms.

We evaluated a lot of responsive frameworks for use on this project, and they fall into two major categories: frameworks that dynamically change the position of elements using javascript (often JQuery), and lighter-weight solutions that rely on CSS viewports to switch between layouts upon screen size changes.

The latter solution is generally more elegant, and keeps the majority of the styling where it should be — in the stylesheet. Our responsive layout consequently relies primarily on viewport detection, gracefully scaling down its aspect ratio from 16:9 for extra-widescreens to 4:3 for smaller laptops, to 3:4 for tablets, and finally to 9:15 for mobiles.

These elegant viewport switches are complemented by some DOM manipulation done in JQuery to fluidly rescale visually-rich elements of the app, such as the frontpage slideshow. We're quite happy with the result, and we will surely adopt this approach on future responsive projects.

storybook bedroom
Opening → Design Ninja

Sutera Studio is currently looking for another designer to add to its growing roster.

Working at Sutera Studio SDN BHD is a blast. We deal with cutting-edge technology and design on a daily basis. Our offices are conveniently located in sunny Petaling Jaya. Interested parties should contact us via the link in the footer. Potential candidates should possess the following skills:

  1. Strong Creative Suite skills. Having great CS chops is an absolute must, as you'll be spending the majority of your time slicing and dicing visual assets.
  2. The ability to craft sweet mocks on a deadline. We often need to come up with mocks in the initial IA phase of a project. Helping us churn these out faster would be highly valuable.
  3. Experience creating icon sets for use on the web. Having great navigational icons on an application provides a lot of bling and personality.
  4. Creating expressive branding solutions, such as logos or brand icons. We provide branding services at Sutera Studio to help businesses of any size better define themselves and grow.
crystal clear water, beach
Great Climate

Malaysia's climate was the first thing that attracted us to the region, especially after years of living and working in Paris.

city glowing at night
Smartphone Penetration

Malaysia has excellent smartphone penetration, which makes it a great space to build and market apps.

hornbill bird
Cool People

Malaysians are a fun, friendly and talented bunch, and are generally less angry than this hornbill, with a few exceptions.

cili padi
Spicy Food

Trying to cater to a full-fledged spice addiction in Europe is a difficult proposition. Some cili padi does the trick.

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